Public Safety Strategies Group and our Network of Experts

Public Safety Strategies Group (PSSG) provides subject matter expertise and consulting services for public, private, and non-profit entities.  With a wealth of law enforcement, public safety, corrections, justice and government experience, and decades of public service and leadership, PSSG experts are engaged across the country, working with clients in resolving complex issues related to public safety.  PSSG is the only sheriff-led consulting group in the country, with a network of retired sheriffs and agency leaders, each one recognized and recognizable in their communities for their extraordinary service at all levels of government: local, state and national level.  

PSSG experts partner in national research studies, provide security assessments and technical expertise for large and small businesses, serve as senior experts for government agencies, develop public policy initiatives, advocate for policy and best practice advancements, and provide guidance in organizational leadership and management. 

PSSG experts are well-known for relationship development with city, county, state and national leaders and agencies, and service on corporate and non-profit boards.

PSSG’s award-winning network of experts includes nationally recognized media contributors and conference speakers on topics related to policing, crime, crisis response, mental illness among the justice-involved, law enforcement leadership and technology, information sharing, and innovations in building trust and community engagement.  

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National Leadership and Influence

Members of PSSG have led national initiatives and organizations, and our clients benefit from a depth of relationships with members of Congress and their committee staff, federal agency leaders and task forces, and national associations.  PSSG consultants have testified before Senate and House Committees, met with Presidents and Vice Presidents (from both parties) and have served as official advisors to federal agency leaders.  We assist clients in successfully navigating these agencies and advising on federal impact strategy.  

Professional associations:

We have been working with local and national public safety associations for decades and have the relationships, leadership and engagement experience that comes with those years of partnership. We are proud to be members of the following professional associations:

  • National Fusion Center Association
  • International Association Chiefs of Police (IACP)
  • Major County Sheriffs of America (MCSA)
  • American Correctional Association (ACA)
  • American Jails Association (AJA)
  • FBI National Executive Institute Assocaition (NEIA)
  • National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)
  • National Sheriffs Association (NSA)
  • Leadership International Counter-Terrorism (LinCt)
  • National Security Advisory Council- Secure Community Network
  • Police Executive Research Forum (PERF)
  • Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association (MCPA)
  • Minnesota Council of Non-Profits (MCN)
  • Minnesota Police & Peace Officers Association (MPPOA)
  • Minnesota Sheriffs Association (MSA)
  • Minnesota Special Operations Training Association (SOTA)
  • Small & Rural Law Enforcement Executives Association (SRLEEA)
  • Association of Threat Assessment Professionals
  • ASIS International (American Society for Industrial Security) 

PSSG has joined with LETAC in a new strategic partnership:

LETAC is a Minnesota-based enterprise providing post-certified training courses all across the country, for peace officers, attorneys, and other law enforcement and justice personnel.  LETAC is focused on providing innovative education driven to empower participants to serve their communities with honor and integrity, while helping equip them with the appropriate tools for better decision-making.  

Community Service and Pro Bono Contributions:

Service to community is one of our guiding principles. Our team uses their passion and skill to help local and national organizations with a wide variety of projects. 

Recent Publications

PJ Media

In 2023, we are just now entering the deadliest phase of the opioid crisis. Driven by a powerful synthetic opioid known as fentanyl, this is not just another chapter in the pharmaceutical and over-prescription scandal.

Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association Journal

Since 1972, the Minnesota 100 Club has made gifts honoring 495 Minnesotans; in the past four years, the club distributed nearly $200,000 in benefits to the families of first responders who died in the line of duty or where injured in the line of duty.

National Conference of State Legislatures

Stanek says it’s important that officers serve in uniform on Election Day. “Law enforcement should be present with full transparency, as a visible presence in support of the lawful elections of our local, state and national leaders, a visible deterrent, and as a further reminder that their role is to preserve and keep the peace.” He also suggests that agencies consider assigning reserve officers or deputies to polling places instead of armed law enforcement officers.

National Police Foundation

The National Police Foundation has developed resources to address some of the most critical issues police leaders will face while providing public safety at polling locations, such as:

  • A listing of the pertinent local laws (in partnership with the National Conference of State Legislators)
  • Promising practices for officers and supervisors providing public safety on Election Day
  • Communication strategies intended to foster interagency collaboration and inspire community trust

National Police Foundation

No level of planning could have fully prepared us for the difficult news coming from our nation’s jails and correctional facilities.  Heightened levels of contagion, and the associated stress and anxiety are impacting our medical, security, and behavioral health staff that work in these facilities as well as those in custody.

The Hill

Our political leaders and our citizens need to know that our nation’s jails are the wrong place for the mentally ill. We need more facilities where these hurting people can be treated and helped, and we need more funding to train our law enforcement professionals to deal with the mentally ill, de-escalating scary situations that all too often end up in bloodshed.

Our nation faces a critical juncture in its criminal justice policies. Current sentencing laws have put nearly 1 in 100 adults in prison, and have cost the country $$80 billion each year. We can either continue with the harsh sentencing policies that got us here, or we can join the movement of change.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police

This Law Enforcement Retirement Toolkit provides physical, mental, financial, and family wellness considerations to help you plan for the future from any stage of your career. This resource helps you prepare for retirement by conducting a self-assessment, setting goals, and learning from others who have been through the transition.