Our Services

Subject Matter Expertise: Public Safety Agency and Jail Operations

• Best practices review and assessment
• Independent expert evaluations, reports and testimony
• Legal and constitutional compliance
• Public finance, government procurement and grants
• Media support and communications

Product Development and Technical Assistance

• Expertise in new technology and products for public safety, corrections, and law enforcement agencies
• Go to Market strategies that anticipate best practice requirements and procurement questions/solutions
• Relationship and reputational development through agency/leadership outreach and engagement

Corporate, Personal, and Event Security

• Professional Security Assessments and Strategic Planning
• Contract CSO (Corporate Security Officer)
• Public and private security details
• Licensed, Bonded, Armed Security Referral available upon request

Safety and Justice Policy & Advocacy

• Staffing analysis and strategic planning
• Law enforcement technology
• Addressing Mental illness in the Justice System
• Community outreach and engagement
• Issue/policy research, development and advocacy

Investigative Services

• Computer forensics: data from computers, smart phones and other devices can always be recovered.
• Arrange for licensed private investigators for backgrounding and research
• Expert review for Human Resources and hiring backgrounds