Our Services

Subject Matter Expertise: Public Safety Agency and Jail Operations

• Best practices review and assessment
• Independent expert evaluations, reports and testimony
• Legal and constitutional compliance
• Public finance, government procurement and grants
• Media support and communications

Product Development and Technical Assistance

• Expertise in new technology and products for public safety, corrections, and law enforcement agencies
• Go to Market strategies that anticipate best practice requirements and procurement questions/solutions
• Relationship and reputational development through agency/leadership outreach and engagement

Corporate, Personal, and Event Security

• Professional Security Assessments and Strategic Planning
• Contract CSO (Corporate Security Officer)
• Public and private security details
• Licensed, Bonded, Armed Security Referral available upon request

Safety and Justice Policy & Advocacy

• Staffing analysis and strategic planning
• Law enforcement technology
• Addressing Mental illness in the Justice System
• Community outreach and engagement
• Issue/policy research, development and advocacy

Investigative Services

• Computer forensics: data from computers, smart phones and other devices can always be recovered.
• Arrange for licensed private investigators for backgrounding and research
• Expert review for Human Resources and hiring backgrounds


LETAC is a Minnesota-based enterprise providing post-certified training courses all across the country, for peace officers, attorneys, and other law enforcement and justice personnel. LETAC is focused on providing innovative education driven to empower participants to serve their communities with honor and integrity, while helping equip them with the appropriate tools for better decision-making.