Our expertise and services

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Policy & Advocacy

  • Staffing analysis and strategic planning
  • Law enforcement technology
    • Technical assistance
    • Market analysis
  • Addressing mental illness in the criminal justice system
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Issue/policy research, development, and advocacy

Project & Organizational Management and Development

  • Organizational and Board of Directors oversight
  • Leadership development
  • Staffing analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Media support and communications
  • Private fundraising and public finance
    • Government contracts
    • Grant-writing
    • Administration

Security and Public Safety Expertise

  • Corporate security strategy and assessments
  • Key employee backgrounding; employee terminations and discipline
  • Workplace safety evaluations and training
  • Public and private event security planning
  • Legal and independent expert evaluations, reports and testimony